General / House rules

Non-smoking room (smoking in the courtyard / terrace).

No pets. Night rest from 10 p.m. / Music and TV at room volume. Bicycle storage facility in the courtyard). Car parking space in front of the house) Parking stiffeners / free of charge
Shower / shared bathroom with owner. Shower only, bath tub not allowed for environmental reasons. Do not use street shoes in the room. No open fire in the rooms. Please separate the garbage, there are various garbage cans for leftovers. The owner can also use the terrace. There is also a possibility of smoking here. A copy of the ID card is made on arrival, and all other contact details are included
for longer stays. Payment only possible in cash and upon arrival in advance for the entire duration of the stay. Check in and check out is also possible via a key box. Detailed information can be found in the house folder in the guest room,
which is located in the dining counter.