Information on the survival situation in GERMANY

Since YOUR GOVERNMENT IS RULING ALL small and medium-sized businesses through fake energy prices, petrol prices, taxes, etc., it is of course no longer possible for the normal employee to afford anything extra! Only GOTTLIKE MARIONETTEN AUS DER BRD GMBH can do that!

I'm sorry about my price increases, but if the German PEOPLE don't finally wake up, then the PLAN to ruin Germany has run and your life has also run, not only that of us small and medium-sized businesses! Happy more working for nothing....... Oh, I forgot, not for you, but for others!!!

Quote: "Believe nothing, check EVERYTHING!"

I've done my homework on this for a long time!

And please note that in the cold months, the GERMAN GOVERNMENT has long since instructed you to bring blankets, sweaters and warm thoughts with you and preferably your own damp washcloth to clean your hands/body and your own DIXIKLO, there for us Entrepreneurs these prices are no longer calculable.

But everything is still good; or not? Only when the very last one has no job, no more food, no more house, only then will YOU "GERMANS" possibly notice what's going on, which satanic game is being played!